Wednesday, April 08, 2020

NordicMed is an International Career Resource and Placement Service Corporation for Healthcare Professionals. We specialize in placing Scandinavian healthcare professionals in hospitals throughout the United States. We provide both traveling nurses and placement services to hospitals and clinics nationwide.

The Scandinavian Advantage
The founders of NordicMed are both Swedish and American nationals with experience in the healthcare industry.
As Scandinavians we understand the particular needs and concerns of our nurse recruits. Scandinavian trained nurses are technically some of the highest qualified healthcare professionals, globally. This, in addition to their fluency in English (as well as several other languages), makes them ideal for employment within the United States. This focus on Nordic trained nurses, as well as our attention to their particular needs, distinguishes NordicMed within our field.

NordicMed Stockholm
Our Stockholm office is responsible for the initial contact and information sessions prior to our nurse recruit's relocation to the U.S. We will begin by explaining the entire process, including assisting our nurses in test preparation, and begin the paperwork required to process their Green Card application.

NordicMed Massachusetts
Our Massachusetts office is primarily responsible for processing INS paperwork, matching/placing the recruits in hospitals, acquiring housing and preparing nurses for their move to the U.S. In addition, NordicMed Massachusetts will manage the living and working conditions of the nurses who join our team. Our nurses, as well as the contracting hospitals, will have access to our office 24 hours per day.

NordicMed Florida
Our Florida office is primarily responsible for contacting and negotiating contracts with Florida hospitals/clinics. NordicMed-Florida will also assist our nurses in solving their housing needs as well as provide general assistance while working in the Southeast region of the U.S.